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We believe in the power of Regenerative Agriculture to rehabilitate our land, grow nutrient rich food and build a thriving community

We aim to achieve the highest standards of quality and care for the land, animals, and people who help us bring good food to your table. Utilizing managed rotational grazing of diverse pasture grasses, we participate in regenerative agriculture that acknowledges the place of livestock in building living biology in our soil. We treat the animals that feed us with respect and dignity and allow them to express their natural behaviors outside in a living ecosystem. And we actively participate in our local community, supporting our fellow farmers, neighbors, butchers, and businesses to revitalize the rural communities that will make a healthier food system for all.

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        About Ololo Farm

Ololo Farming Co. established in 2017, is located on the Southern border of Nairobi National Park and is also a busy Safari Lodge.

We are an Australian Farming Family, who moved to Kenya in 2009 to build 'Ololo Safari Lodge & Farm'.. Craig Chapman our director has been a farmer his whole life - pioneering the Tea Tree oil industry in Australia.

George, (Craigs Son) now manages the farm alongside a very passionate, driven, and well-educated team.

George has studied Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in the UK and is determined to make Regenerative Agriculture the norm here in Kenya. 

We are passionate about farming in balance with nature and regenerating the environment in which we are able to grow the most nutrient-dense food possible, from our paddock to your plate!


  What is Regenerative Agriculture?

“Regenerative Agriculture includes systems of farming that reverse the loss of biodiversity, enrich soils, store carbon, restore watershed health, and increase ecosystem services, while eliminating the release of toxins and pollutants.

Regenerative Agriculture increases yield efficiency, resilience to climate fluctuation, and strengthens health and vitality of all the members of our communities, now and for generations to come.

These systems draw from decades of scientific and applied research by many global communities, including those working on organic farming, agroecology, Holistic Management, ecological restoration, and agroforestry.”

— Paul Ceregrino

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Simply put, pasture-raised chicken is chicken that was raised on a pasture. At Ololo Farm, we define pasture as a better way to raise our chickens. Our farm was born out of a desire to make humanely and regeneratively raised poultry accessible to everyone.

As consumers, we were tired of feeling misled by companies who used catchy greenwashed labeling but didn’t practice what they preached. We discovered that many companies market their chickens as “free range” even though they rarely go outside,  or “antibiotic-free” despite their poultry being riddled with antibiotics.

We wanted to trust that the chicken we consumed was raised regenerativly and with a focus on the welfare of our animals, and we thought the best way to ensure that was to raise our own chickens! 


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